Django Coffee Co. v Django-Coffee Script

Django Coffee Co. v Django-Coffee Script


We have recently been analysing our website traffic sources and noticed an increase of people incoming for phrases like “Django” and “CoffeeScript”. This blog aims to explain the differences between Django Coffee Co. and Django & CoffeeScript, they are actually irrelevant to each other but it will help with my bounce rates to put this up-front!

Firstly Django is an MVC framework that allows web developers to code more concisely and efficiently. [1]In terms of web development Django is for creating web applications using Python (a high level language).[2] It is normally backed by a database and is fundamentally designed to build large scale applications destined for the web. In this instance Django is a high level framework that encourages rapid application development and clean pragmatic design. [3] It is free & open source and implements the model-view-controller design pattern that enables the efficient creation of complex data driven websites. Some well-known websites that use Django are Instagram and Pinterest[4] 

CoffeeScript is the language used that compiles into javascript, the syntax is concise and minimal akin to Ruby. Again in this instance “Java” has no connections with coffee. CoffeeScript is an attempt to expose the good parts of Javascript in a simple way. [5] It enhances Javascripts’ brevity and readability. [6] When Django is used with CoffeeScript it improves upon Django’s already efficient design capabilities.

Django Coffee Co. on the other hand is a lot more understandable. Our Django is a black, short haired two year old cat, who loves everything coffee, travel and food related. With a little help Django has set up his own coffee roasting company with the purpose of sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world, roasting them and delivering them to his customers as fresh as they can be. He aims to provide information on both the coffee and also the countries of origin of each sourced coffee bean. As well as being passionate about coffee and its origins he is also extremely passionate about the welfare of the coffee growers and the environmental impact of the coffee industry. The Django Coffee Co. website has a blog where Django expresses his views and provides information on a variety of topics on coffee, travel the environment and food. Not only does Django Coffee Co. want to provide freshly roasted, speciality coffee but he wants to express his preferred methods of brewing it to get the most out of the aroma and flavour.

Now if all that talk about Django & CoffeeScript has got you all confused maybe it’s time to enjoy a freshly roasted coffee from Django Coffee Co. available in our online shop.