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El Salvador San Jose

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Name: San Jose

Producer: Maritza Boza

Origin: City of San Salvador (next to the Ilopango Lake), San Salvador Department, Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1200 metres above sea level

Process: Natural

Flavours: Citrus, Honey & Milk Chocolate

Cup Score: 85

Harvest: November- February (Arrived Uk: November 2020)

Importer: Django Coffee

Where is it from?

We first met Karla and Daniella Boza at Manchester Coffee festival in 2018 and then again at the Producer Roaster Forum in Guatemala in 2019. This is not the first coffee we have purchased from the sisters as we have previously purchased from their own farm Finca San Antonio Amatepec.

Finca San Antonio Amatepec has been operating since 1970 in El Salvador. since this date, they have focused primarily on speciality coffee production through sustainable methods. They also continued to focus on our commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community. For the third time, Finca San Antonio Amatepec has been certified by rainforest alliance and hold a rating of 95.75% on average. With a focus on shade-grown speciality coffee production through sustainable methods and a continued focus on a commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community.

Run by three sisters: Alexandra, Daniella, and Karla, who grew up going to the farm every other weekend. With time, and as their father aged the ladies became more involved. They started to attend workshops on coffee farming, coffee plagues, and have even taken gardening courses to better understand how to look after the farm, now visiting the farm not to relax, but to work.

The sisters oversaw the new implementations of different rainforest alliance strategies, looked after the harvest, and managed more of the marketing and relationship building with buyers. Most importantly, this year they finally took the necessary steps to process their coffee independently. They believe that this has been the most important change for their farm in the last few years - and if it were not for their encouragement and support their father would have never taken the jump as this is a very risky but important move for coffee producers to make.

Karla says “we have basically received a crash course on how to look after a farm, but of course, we have a long way to go. we have all realised how important it is for us to look after this space, as it has been so meaningful not only to us but to the local community as well”.

"San Jose is the farm of my aunt Maritza and is located close to ours. We have been marketing her coffee alongside Finca San Antonio Amatepec since my sisters and I started working with my father to find better markets for our coffee around 4 years ago. Maritza lived in the United States for a long period and has been managing the farm more closely since her return to San Salvador. She grows only Bourbons, which we help her process. All naturals and honey's are processed at our farm. Our patio for drying naturals is based where an old cablecar, el teleférico San Jacinto, used to be. We have a scenic view of the city and the San Salvador volcano. "




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Customer Reviews

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Smooth and silky

Another great coffee from Django! This is perfect as a flat white or cappuccino at any time of the day. Very smooth and pleasing and great service by Django as usual.


Great coffees & great service as always.

San Jose

Really liked this coffee. Has a nice light flavour and drinks smooth. I used it with a V60 drip and it worked really nicely. Also makes for a good espresso and stovetop. It's an excellent all-rounder

Smooth and sweet, a delicious brew

A smooth, sweet coffee that lacks bitterness even as an espresso. Delicious.


The best coffee I've ever tasted. Great value for money and the flavours and smell of the 'El Salvador' will get anyone hooked.

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