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Producer: Buno General Training

Origin: Dambi Udo, Guji, Oromia: Ethiopia

Varietal: Heirloom

Altitude: 1800-2100 metres above sea level

Process: Natural (Organic)

Flavours: Parma Violets, Blueberry & Strawberry

Cup Score: 88

Harvest: October - February (Arrival in UK 14 June 2019)

Importer: Falcon Coffees

Where is it from?


Ethiopia is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee. The legend of Kaldi, the goat herder that allegedly discovered the effects of the bright red cherries growing wild in the Ethiopian forest, is pervasive. The legend likely bears some resemblance to the truth despite the dramatisation added in the telling of the tale.

The fact that Coffee is native to Ethiopia is indisputable and this becomes clear when one walks into the famous forest coffee plantations. Growing happily amongst the native forest are the healthiest and happiest coffee trees you’ll see anywhere in the world. Organic production is widespread in Ethiopia where in many countries this is completely unviable due to pervasive disease. It may be the diversity afforded by the forest growing environment slows the spread of disease. There are many contributing factors to the uniqueness of Ethiopian coffee from the growing systems to the diversity of varieties. The result is a country filled with coffee that is some of the best quality in the world.

Dambi Udo is neighbouring Shaksio, populated by small farmers that have only recently started to engage in coffee production and harvesting. The young producers are much more open to change and are more receptive to training on-farm management and picking.

Abiyot, the owner of Buno General Trading, decided to focus on processing natural Specialty grade coffee, collects only the ripest cherries and dries them on 25 meter long raised beds. He made a difference in the community’s harvesting habits by paying an additional 1 birr/kg to the farmers delivering fully red and sorted out cherries.





Filter & Espresso



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A superb coffee from Django

Dark, rich and brimming with gorgeous fruity flavours. Love it

Smooth with lovely fruity notes

This is my first Django coffee, and it was amazing! Not bitter at all with lovely fruity and floral notes. I drank it as an espresso and it was lovely. Nothing else needed.

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