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Our Footprint

At Django Coffee Co. we not only want to roast and sell amazing coffee but we also want to minimise the effects of our footprint on the environment and make sure that each stage of the coffee chain, from harvest to process, is carried out with a knowledge and understanding that does justice to everyone involved. We believe that sustainability is very important to produce quality coffee, livelihood longevity and a healthy enviroment.

Direct Trade

We only buy our green beans from respected suppliers who go direct to the farms and co-operatives, cutting out the middle men, meaning more money goes to the farmers. Our suppliers build mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with these individual producers or co-operatives which leads to more control over coffee quality, social issues and environmental concerns. 

We pride ourselves on the transparency and traceability of our coffee. The ethical supply chains created through direct trade are keeping with the principles of trust, transparency and integrity. It is cooperation rather than competition and nurture rather than predatory.

Working directly with local produces or companies situated in the countries of origin helps farmers with finance, education, improving sustainable  farming techniques and help with exporting their coffee.

Information can be found about the different farms and co-operative in our coffee bios.


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