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Burundi Mpanga

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Name: Mpanga

Producer: Jean Clement Birabereya

Origin: Kayanza Province, North Burundi

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1815 metres above sea level

Process: Washed

Flavours: Orange, Black Cherry and Milk Chocolate 

SCAA Score: 87

Grind: Wholebean



Where is it from?

Burundi is a landlocked country situated in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa. It shares its borders with Rwanda to the North, Tanzania to the East and South and The Democratic Republic of Congo to the West.

Coffee was introduced to Burundi by the Belgium during their rule from 1916 until Burundi's independence in 1962, where all coffee production and sales were under the control of the state. From 1962 until 2009 coffee ownership fluctuated between private and state ownership. Today coffee production is privately owned which has led to the creation of private export companies, new private washing stations, factories and two roasting factories. Coffee has truly helped build Burundi after the devastating Civil War at the end of the 20th Century.[1]

Mpanga is both the name of the farm and the central washing station that processes all the locally grown lots. Both are owned by Jean Clement of SEGEC exporters who handle the export of the coffee all over the world. The washing station is located in the Kayanza village and sits near the Northern border with Rwanda.

The SEGEC are involved in minimising the risk farmers face with the fluctuating world coffee prices. They pay an initial fee for the delivered coffee cherries with bonuses then paid depending on the cup quality. The lower quality cherries will then be blended together and sold commercially. The high scoring lots will then be kept separate and sold as micro lots and pay a premium to the producer. SEGEC also invest in farmer training to ensure the farmers and pickers bring the ripest cherries to the washing station. [2] 



This coffee scored a very high 87 in SCAA cupping. It is roasted to a medium profile and produces an intense fruity coffee with flavours of orange, black cherry, peach and milk chocolate.


AeroPress, Cafetire, Pour Over, Espresso 

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