China Fuyan (Yunnan)

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Name: Fuyan

Origin: Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County, Yunnan Province.

Varietal: Catimor (P3/P4)

Altitude: 1600-1650 metres above sea level

Process: Washed

Flavours: Golden Raisin, Plum, Toffee, Pear and Grape

Grind: Wholebean

Where is it from?

“Coffee from China. Really?”


Yes, absolutely!

As soon as the Yunnan coffees that we’ve managed to get hold of are cupped by those who know their beans, attitudes begin to shift very quickly. Sometimes dismissive at first, those who try these coffees are often clearly surprised…then intrigued…and, finally, wholeheartedly converted.

Speciality coffees from China – the region of Yunnan, to be more precise – are already beginning to stand up to those from across the traditional growing regions of the Americas and Africa. And they’re getting better year after year.

Forward-thinking farmers and producers are making the most of the mature varietals already in place with better and more considered processing techniques. At the same time, they are waiting patiently for the newly planted Typica, Bourbon (Red and Yellow), Pacamara and even Geisha that they’ve planted and carefully nurtured over the past few years to join the crop.

Over the next few years, we predict a significant shift in attitude from the global coffee community to this beautiful and bountiful region of Southeast Asia.


This super clean and invigorating offering comes from seven-year-old trees, shade-grown in parts of this co-operative farm which produces only eight tons of speciality coffee per annum. 

This is a co-operative genuinely dedicated to improving the quality of the coffee they grow in this fertile and beautiful land. Spurred on by a handful of farmers who have long seen the potential of consistently well-processed and carefully sorted cherry, there is a real passion here to push the boundaries year after year. This is the perfect time to get involved with speciality coffee from these farms, it’s the first season where they’re regularly breaking through the 84 / 85 point mark and, with some of the innovations we’ve seen on the ground, it’s only going to get better.


 It is roasted to a light/medium profile with flavour notes of golden raisin, plum, toffee, pear and grape.


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