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El Salvador El Zapote

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Name: El Zapote

Producer: Los Naranjos

Origin: Cantón, El Arado, Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1350-1450 metres above sea level

Process: Natural

Flavours: Red Grapes, Orange & White Chocolate

Cup Score: 84.75

Harvest: November- February 

Importer: Falcon Coffee

Where is it from?

Los Naranjos Café it’s the result of the combination of hard work, struggle, perseverance, dreams and hopes of three great friends, David, Sigfredo and Manuel. They met in the ’80s in high school, sharing dreams, ambitions, and the intention to overcome in life, change the world and help others. After they finished high school, they took different paths without any clue that coffee production will reunite them 35 years later.


It is the first farm bought from Los Naranjos Café back in 2014, It has different varieties from Bourbon, Pacas and Cuscatleco. The farm is run by Don Angel, who has been the farm manager for the last three decades.
This farm is located in the Apaneca-Ilampatepec Coffee Region, most accurate in Cantón, El Arado in the Municipality of Chalchuapa, Santa Ana.

The plantation management performs soil studies to determine the lack of nutrients and tries to supply them with fertilizer. The weed management is done with “machete o cumas” and not with the use of chemicals. Most of the coffee trees are 5- 15 years old and are renovated with
younger coffee plants to increase production.

The farm utilises the practises taught at the Renacer field School which is headed by Sigfredo Corado who had already started to help producers in this region before Renacer was established. Sigrfredo is a retired Agronomy Professor who had established with business partners the Los Naranjos Group farms (Los Angeles & Finca Noruega) as well as a wet mill. At Renacer he leads a team of 6 field technicians to help small to medium producers in the area by focusing on best farm practices that are restorative for the land and soil as well as beneficial for the yield and quality of the coffee. The field school is based at the farm named Finca Noruega (another Los Naranjos farm) where there is a class held twice a month for the students.
Throughout the year there are 3 modules and these look to focus on the 4 R's the program has developed for soil health.

Right Source. Right Dose. Right Place. Right Moment.

All the training takes place at Finca Noruega where the technical school is based. The students work on the test plots where they can implement the knowledge gained in class before applying it to their farms. Finca Noruega is 43 Manzanas planted with a range of varieties from Bourbon to Gesha.

This lot is made up solely of Bourbon that was picked selectively before being taken to the wet mill and the drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael, located between the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila at 1450 masl. The position between the two hills allows for the flow of the prevailing wind to help dry the coffees slowly and evenly.

Here the Bourbon is washed and floated before then laid out on drying beds for between 25 - 30 days where it is moved every hour until ready and dried between the hours of 0800 - 1430.




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