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El Salvador Finca San Antonio

Product image 1El Salvador Finca San Antonio - Django Coffee Co.
Product image 2El Salvador Finca San Antonio - Django Coffee Co.

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Name: Finca San Antonio

Origin: El Cerro San Jacinto, San Marcos, Central El Salvador

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1400-1700 metres above sea level.

Process: Wet Processed 

Flavours: Sweet caramel and chocolate 

Grind: Wholebean


Where is it from?

This coffee is grown on the slopes of El Cerro San Jacinto overlooking the small town of San Marcos, one of the 14 Municipalities of San Salvador in central El Salvador. It is a unique place of forests and Ingas which are accompanied by the perfect climate for growing coffee.  At the top of El Cerro San Jacinto there are picturesque views of the Llopango Lake and the city of San Salvador. The coffee grows on the slopes at altitudes between 1400-1700 metres above sea level. 

Finca San Antonio was founded in 1970 for the main purpose of growing Jaragua grass in order to graze cattle on the 24.5 hectares of land. In the same year of purchasing the land, owner Carlos Antonio Boza Dreyfus decided to convert the land into a coffee farm and so began planting the Bourbon varietal of coffee. In the following years he began to acquire neighbouring land and continued to plant Bourbon as well as native species of tree. The farm is now 105 hectares and in 2009 it gained its  Rainforest Alliance certification which means that the farm is managed and run in accordance to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria that is designed to conserve wildlife, safe guard soils and waterways, protect local communities, workers and their families whilst also increasing livelihoods.

Harvesting of the coffee is undertaken by more than 90 workers who hand pick each bean to ensure that only the ripe and better quality beans are chosen. These workers are rewarded for their hard work by receiving a wage that is 25% higher than workers receive on neighbouring farms. Finca San Antonio's social and environmental policy, the treatment of their workers and the excellent relationships with the local community makes them one of the most progressive farms in El Salvador.    


A light/medium roast gives this coffee a good structure and balance with sweet caramel and chocolate notes. There is a vibrant acidity with a creamy rich finish.   


Espresso, French Press

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