Rwanda Gitega Hills

Rwanda Gitega Hills

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Name: Gitega Hills

Owner: Bernard Uwitije

Origin: Nyamagabe District, Cyanika Sector, Southern Rwanda

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1,600 metres above sea level

Process: Washed

Flavours: Apricot, Floral, Honey 

SCAA Score: 87

Grind: Wholebean



Where is it from?

Gitega Hills is a washing station located in the Nyamagabe District in Southern Rwanda which lies in close proximity to the Nyungwe forest and the traced source of the Nile River. Up until 2015 the owner, Bernard Unwitije, had been trading non-washed coffee until he recently discovered the potential in fully washed speciality grade coffee. His washing station is equipped with a 1500kg Penagos machine, fermentation tanks and raised drying beds. Processing involves the freshly pulped coffee cherries being wet fermented and the beans are sorted by their density using water filled grading channels. The wet parchment is then dried under cover for 24 hours before being moved to uncovered drying beds for 15 days. During this period the beans are continuously hand sorted to get rid of the defect beans. Bernard counts on his overall experience and knowledge to make a success of his newly established wet mill.

The coffee that is supplied to the Gitega Hill washing station is supplied by a number of small farms at altitudes of around 1600 masl on the volcanic fertile soil. The high Altitude and nutrient rich soils are perfect for producing and processing high-quality coffee.


This coffee scored a very high 87 in SCAA cupping. It is roasted to a medium profile and produces flavours of apricot and honey.


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