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Rwanda Kilimbi

Product image 1Rwanda Kilimbi - Django Coffee Co.
Product image 2Rwanda Kilimbi - Django Coffee Co.

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Name: Kilimbi

Producer: Muraho Trading Company

Origin: Nyamasheke, Kilimbi, Nyarusange, Gitsimbwe

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1650-1850 metres above sea level

Process: Natural

Flavours: Blackcurrant, Plum & Honey

Cup Score: 86.25

Grind: Wholebean

Where is it from?

One of our importers, Raw Material, has been working in Rwanda with the Muraho Trading Company. This partnership helps affiliate cooperatives increase their quality of production, fetch a higher price for their coffee, and introduces them to new markets. Through their work with Muraho Trading Co, they are developing a fixed price payment model specific to the value chain in Rwanda. This will be a continuous work in progress in the coming years, as they gain a greater understanding of the particular challenges Rwandan coffee producers face. Through this process they are developing a model that creates incentives which generate producer buy-in, all the while maximising impact.

Kilimbi CWS was one of two washing stations to be granted approval to produce natural and honey processed coffee in Rwanda. While production of natural processed coffee is still monitored strictly by NAEB, the elevation of Kilimbi lends itself to produce exceptional naturals. Dried on traditional African raised beds, the cherry is meticulously hand sorted before drying, removing any visually under ripe cherry. The coffee is then floated to further separate any low-density cherry before being laid out to dry on well-maintained drying beds. Grass and weeds are managed and removed from below the beds to ensure no additional moisture raising from the ground during the drying stage.

Drying beds stretch across a large open plain where air flow and sunlight have maximum exposure to the coffee as it dries. During the dry season, daytime temperatures reach 28 to 30 degrees and evening temperatures drop to 12 to 15 degrees. This spread of temperatures is ideal allowing for slow and gradual drying which the team at Rugali washing station have found is optimal for natural processed coffee.

Coffee is turned every hour during the day. All the while, casual workers consistently hand sort cherry as it dries removing damaged cherry or discoloured pods. Once dry, the pods have a raisin-like textured skin, are dark brown, almost black, and have a shiny gloss coating.




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Customer Reviews

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A real cracker

This is a gorgeous fruity coffee, delicately balanced with blackcurrant and honey notes. Lovely.

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