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Iced V60 Coffee

To cool down over the summer we have been experimenting with some iced coffee brewing methods. Our favourite so far has to be this V60 method based on a recipe by James Hoffmann. We have been using our naturally processed Los Robles in this recipe.

What you'll need

V60 Filter Paper
35g of freshly ground coffee
200g of Ice
300g of hot water


Boil 300g of water.
Grind 35g of coffee beans a little finer than the usual medium-fine v60 setting. 
Add 200g of ice to your v60 server.
Place filter paper in v60 dripper and rinse with hot water over the sink. We want to remove the paper taste of the filter but we do not want to heat our v60 server on this occasion.
Add the 35g of coffee to the rinsed filter and dripper, ensuring that the grounds are evenly spread.
Place the dripper on to the server and tare your scales.
The next step is to saturate the grounds. Start the timer once you add the hot water to the filter. Add 60g of water and give the mixture a stir to break up the clumps of coffee. When the coffee starts to bloom and degas the coffee bed should rise to the top and bubble a bit. 
At 30 secs continue to pour water evenly in a spiral over the coffee bed and slowly fill the server to the top. You should aim to bring the weight of the scale to 300 grams by the three-minute mark.
Once you hit the three-minute mark remove the filter and brewer from the top of the server.
Serve the coffee over ice and enjoy.
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