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Our coffee company sources good quality green beans from farms and farmers that have consideration for their workers and also the environment. We focus on working with suppliers that pay a fair price to the farms and farmers, ensuring safe labour conditions and production processes that prohibits the use of some agrochemicals. Our coffee beans are also sourced from suppliers that train smaller farmers in processes that will boost yields whilst also keeping the use of the land sustainable for future generations. We also try and source coffee beans that have been processed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. As with all our coffee, traceability is the key and we make every effort possible to provide the information of how and where the coffee bean has travelled from.


We strive to become one of the best coffee roasters with the best online coffee store. Our coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure the quality and enhance the natural flavours of the coffee beans. We roast our coffee by hand, turning the coffee bean into a tasty beverage, giving the beans the attention to detail required to produce the unique flavour that speciality coffee requires. We roast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to be able to provide the freshest possible roasted coffee.


As soon as we roast a batch, the coffee beans are then placed into sealed pouches, equipped with degassing valves, this allows for the degassing to occur during delivery so when the coffee arrives at its destination it is perfectly fresh. We only ship whole beans as we want the coffee to arrive as fresh as it can be. We recommend only grinding the amount of coffee you are going to use per cup to maximise freshness. UK delivery is free but there is a charge for international shipping.

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Next Roast Date Tuesday The 27th Of February

We are attending a coffee conference but will be back roasting next week.

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