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Brew Methods: V60

The V60 is our go to method of filter brewing. It is simple but very effective in bringing out the natural, bright and vibrant flavours of the coffee bean. The V60 is designed by Hario a company founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1921, originally for heat-resistant glassware for scientific research.  Below is our method: 



V60 (we use a plastic one) filter papers, cup, kettle & Django Coffee.

You are more than welcome to geek out on equipment. The equipment above is all you need, but as with most coffee brewing methods you can purchase extras such as a weighing scale, gooseneck kettle and specific grinders for filter brew methods such as The Niche.

The Basics. 

Rinse paper filter with boiling water. This removes the paper taste of the filter and heats to vessel you are using to collect the coffee.

Weigh coffee and place grounds in the pre-wet filter.

Pre-wet coffee grounds.

Pour water in a circular motion, until target weight is reached. Stop pouring and let water draw down through filter. 

Our Method.

Serving/Ratio: 18g for 250g Fine/medium grind setting

Brew time: 2.5 mins

Rinse filter & pre-heat V60

Pour in grounds, flatten, pre-wet with 60g water.

Gently stir the grounds three times to wet all the grounds within 50s,

Start main pour until 120g  and around 1min 20secs. Gently stir

At 1min 30s, continue to pour in a circular motion until you reach 250g.

Drawdown should be complete within 2.5 minutes.

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