Our Algrano Sourcing Trip

Our founder, Ste, recently jetted off to Zurich, Switzerland, not just for a casual catch-up with Algrano, but for a full-on dive into a direct sourcing bootcamp. It wasn't just a routine trip to strengthen ties; it was all about shaking up how we source our coffee. Picture this: empowering producers, getting hands dirty with learning, and building our sustainable brand.Now, let's talk about Algrano – they're changing the coffee game.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, they're not just a digital platform; they're revolutionizing how coffee goes from farms to your cup. They're all about cutting out the middleman, connecting growers directly with the folks roasting the beans. And get this, they're not just into transactions; they're like a coffee community hub. They champion transparency, fair pricing, and traceability, putting the power in the hands of coffee producers who set their own prices.This rad two-day event was a deep dive into the challenges and perks of direct coffee sourcing. Gilles Brunner, one of the three founders of Algrano, dropped eight years' worth of wisdom, mixing it up with roasters' and producers' perspectives.

Workshops were geared towards what roasteries need, what producers expect, and plenty of coffee sampling. There was even a workshop on risk analysis and operational planning, getting hands-on with supply chain setups. Oh, and Ste got to pick the next few months coffee lineup from Algrano's stash in Central America and Africa during the cupping sessions. Wrapping it up, there were workshops on selling the direct supply chain idea and crafting the ultimate directly sourced coffee program.These two days weren't just about business – they were a chance to connect with like-minded people, fellow roasters and coffee professionals and chat about the nitty-gritty of running a roastery. It was more than just an event; it was a fantastic opportunity to connect, share ideas, and tackle the challenges we all face in this roastery game.

The trip to Algrano is set to bring several key benefits to Django Coffee Co. First and foremost, it has strengthened the existing partnership with Algrano. Direct face-to-face interactions foster better understanding, trust, and collaboration, providing a solid foundation for a more robust working relationship. The hands-on learning experience about sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing practices equips the team with practical insights and knowledge. This newfound understanding will empower us to make informed decisions, implement best practices, and navigate the complexities of the coffee sourcing landscape more effectively.Additionally, the trip provided us with an opportunity to align our values and mission with Algrano's commitment to transparency, fair pricing, and traceability throughout the coffee supply chain. This shared ethos enhances the overall ethical stance of Django Coffee Co, reinforcing its dedication to responsible and sustainable business practices.Being part of the Algrano community goes beyond transactional benefits. It opens up avenues for continuous collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking within the coffee industry. By actively participating in discussions, workshops, and engaging with like-minded individuals, we feel that we have gained valuable insights into industry trends, challenges, and innovative solutions.Furthermore, the direct engagement with producers facilitated by Algrano allows us to have a more direct impact on the communities involved in coffee production. This is not something new to us but we feel like Algrano have been able to give us a better understanding of the supply chain and the importance of it running both ways rather than just from the prodecer to the roaster. Empowering producers to set their prices and actively participating in the selection of coffee from Algrano's portfolio during cupping sessions not only ensures quality but also contributes to a more equitable and sustainable coffee supply chain.

In essence, the trip to Algrano benefits us at Django Coffee Co by deepening our knowledge, strengthening partnerships, aligning values, and providing a platform for ongoing collaboration within the broader coffee community. We feel it positions us as a proactive player in the industry, committed to positive change and ethical business practices.

Allmendstrasse 5, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

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