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Office Subscriptions

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With our office coffee subscriptions you will get to enjoy a selection of our roasted coffee beans weekly or fortnightly over a one month or three month period. We can either send your office a variety of coffee over your subscription period or if there is a particular coffee you would like a constant supply off we can continue to send that.

Each subscription package is based on 1kg of freshly roasted whole bean coffee every week or two weeks, depending on the length of the subscription, working out at £16 per kilo.

One-Month Weekly: 4 deliveries x 1kg

One-Month Fortnightly: 2 deliveries x1kg

Three-Month Weekly= 12 deliveries x1kg

Three-Month Fortnightly= 6 deliveries x1kg

Signing up to our coffee subscriptions means not only will you have a constant supply of freshly roasted coffee you will be also saving money as each subscription comes at a discounted price than if bought individually.