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Name: Extrawelt

Producer: 100 Smallholder farmers

Origin: Kasese, Rwenzori Mountains

Varietal: SL14, SL28

Altitude: 1700-2000 metres above sea level

Process: Natural

Importer: Agri Evolve & Django Coffee

Harvest: February- May (Arrived UK August 2023)

Where is it from?

This coffee holds a special place in our hearts here at Django Coffee. It's a unique and exclusive lot that we have carefully chosen and processed for our roastery. Our founder, Ste, embarked on a journey to Uganda in April 2023, where he visited the farms and met with the dedicated farmers we have been collaborating with for the past six years.
During this trip, Ste had the privilege of cupping numerous coffees from the Kasese region of Uganda. Among them, he discovered a gem that would be exclusively ours. This selected coffee was meticulously processed by Jonny at Agri Evolve, adhering to our precise specifications.
The coffee truly shone on the cupping table, revealing vibrant notes of dark fruits and berries. Upon returning to Manchester, it continued to exceed our expectations. To showcase its versatility, we've decided to create two distinct profiles for this coffee.

The first profile adheres to our standard roasting approach, resulting in a lighter roast ideal for filter brewing. We've also dedicated a profile exclusively for espresso which we have called "Extrawelt" which translates to "Another World" and is a nod to one of our music influences Extrawelt.

We've affectionately named this coffee "Wasinga," which translates to "hello" in the local dialect. This moniker was inspired by Ste's encounters while traversing villages and mountain paths on his way to visit these remarkable coffee producers, who often greeted him with the warm and welcoming word "Wasinga."

Practically all coffee is grown by smallholder farmers who have coffee trees growing in their fields alongside other crops. The typical size of a plot is between 1 and 2 acres. The main varietals are SL28 and SL14, but with a range of other older varietals. This mix of varietals contributes to the complexity of the coffee produced. In the past, coffee from this area has not had a good reputation. Poor harvesting and processing and long delays in processing and shipping resulted in an inconsistent, unreliable and low-grade product.

Agri Evolve have been committed to turning this around, and in just a few years they have seen a significant improvement. Motivating the farmers to harvest only red cherries by paying top price for the very best cherries is where it starts, and then careful processing and adhering to the highest standards means that the coffee produced is bright, fruity and exciting, regularly scoring 85 and above.

This coffee is made up from from various smallholders from Kyondo, Kyarumba, Kalingwe, Bwera and Nyamaghona in the Rwenzori Mountains in the far west of Uganda. Agri Evolve has been working with groups of farmers in this area for the past 5 years and has developed excellent relationships. The Farmers understand the requirements for fully ripe red ‘cherries’, freshly harvested, and we pay top prices on the day of delivery. It’s a relationship of trust, support and commitment. In addition to helping the farmers develop their coffee production they are providing energy-efficient stoves for members of the groups, and providing tree seedlings for farmers to plant. Local farmers have increased confidence in the reliability of the structures we have in place, so they can plan to increase production, and thus improve their livelihoods through more successful and profitable farm.

We are so excited to release these two exceptional coffees and showcase the success of an exceptional origin trip.





Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This way is up there.
5 stars.
Very distinctive fruity taste.
I will be order more of this.

Great Taste

Full coffee taste with milk. Second bag keep up the good work. Great choice!


Outstanding coffee lot and roasting job. Fairly classic espresso profile but with a fruity African twist at the end.


Wonderful espresso that is fairly traditional but with a little fruity twist at the end that makes it that much more interesting. Nicely kicks through milk. Fantastic lot.

Best espresso of 2023

Beautiful full bodied espresso, perfect with or without milk. I'll be sad when its finished.

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