The Aeropress is a very modern way of drinking coffee and was invented by Alan Adler the president of Aerobie in 2005. The Aeropress is a very cheap method of coffee brewing whilst also being very easily transported and easy to clean.  The mechanics of the Aeropress are very similar to that of a syringe as the coffee and water mixture are forced through the filter. This method combines the steep and brewing time of the French press as well as being similar to the piston that is used to push water through the paper filters in espresso machines.[1] The Aeropress was developed as a cheap alternative to espresso at home as well as on the move but has turned out to be a completely different kind of brewer that is very versatile and welcomes a cult following. [2] There are two methods of using the Aeropress. One is the quick filter brew method and the other is the inverted method. As a result there are many recipes associated with both methods with even a championship being held for the best methods. ( Below are two recipes. The quick filter method is provided by Heart Roasters and the inverted method is provided by Moustache Coffee Club.



Paper Aeropress filter

Fresh coffee beans





Filtered water

Stirring device

Mug or Decanter

Quick Filter Method

Step 1: Put the Aeropress and the mug on scale and zero. Bring the filtered water to the boil and rinse the paper filter with the water to remove the paper flavour. 

Step 2: Weigh out 18 grams of whole bean coffee. Grind the coffee a little finer than coffee you would use for the filter drip method. Add the coffee to the Aeropress. 

Step 3: Pull the water off the boil and wait for 45 seconds for the water to cool a little. Start the timer and quickly pour the water into the Aeropress until it reaches 270 grams of water. Stir the coffee mixture a couple of times to aid saturation. 

 Step 4: Place the plunger in just enough to seal the top and keep the coffee from dripping through.

  Step 5: Allow the coffee to steep for 50 seconds then remove the plunger and stir for 5 seconds. Replace the plunger back onto the Aeropress. 

Step 6: At the 1 minute and 45 second mark remove the plunger again and stir for 5 seconds. Then place the plunger back onto the Aeropress and slowly push down for 20 seconds, until you hear a hissing sound. If it is difficult to push the plunger down the grind is too fine. 

Step 7: Serve and enjoy.

Inverted AeroPress Method

Step 1: The ratio of coffee to water with this recipe should be 1:16. This recipe uses 17 grams of coffee so therefore the water used should be 270 grams.

 Step 2: Grind the coffee a little bit finer than that of the filter drip method. The grind should be as fine as table salt.

 Step 3: Bring the kettle to the boil and then wait for 45 seconds for the water to cool a little. Rinse the filter paper with the boiled water to remove the paper flavour.

 Step 4: Put the 17 grams of grounded beans into the Aeropress and add just enough water to submerged them which should be about 34 grams of water. Stir the mixture so that no beans are left dry then allow to steep for 20 seconds.

 Step 5: Fill the Aeropress with the remaining water and stir again and wait for one minute. 

 Step 6: Attach the filter to the top of the Aeropress and place the mug or vessel you are using on top of that. Place one hand on the vessel and the other on the Aeropress and then smoothly turn the Aeropress/vessel combination upside down. 

 Step 7: Plunge for about 20 seconds and stop when you hear the hissing sound of the air escaping.Step 8: Add more water to dilute the final brew of coffee according to taste.  If you compress the plunger all the way you will get the last remaining dregs of coffee in the final brew and it will taste bitter. As you complete this practice more times you will be able to judge the plunge  to stop just before the hissing sound.

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