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The pour over/filter method for brewing coffee has been around for centuries although Melitta Bentz originated the more modern paper filter in 1908. [1]  Modern day filters however can be made out of paper, cloth, steel or even nylon [2] with each filter giving a slightly different flavour. This method is fast,easy and cheap and  produces a great cup of coffee. Like with many of the different brewing methods for coffee, water runs through a conglomeration of ground coffee and picks up the flavours as it passes over.[3] James Hoffman explains that there are three key principles to producing the perfect pour over brew. The first is that this method requires a finer grind, the reason being that a finer grind creates a larger surface area for the water to run over resulting in more contact time where the flavours are picked up. The second principle is the contact time or how long it takes for the water to be added. If water is added at a slower rate this will increase the extraction of the coffee. The third and final principle is the amount of coffee used. The more coffee used increases the time the water takes to run through and so again increases the extraction time. Below is a method from Stumptown Coffee Roasters for a perfect cup of pour over coffee.


21 grams of fresh coffee

Paper filter

BrewerMug or pitcher



 Set of scales

Stir stick


Step 1: Weigh 21 grams of fresh coffee beans and grind to a medium/fine consistency.

Step 2: Prep the brewer. Fold the filter paper and insert into the brewer and place on top of the mug or pitcher. Pre rinse the filter with hot water to rinse out the paper flavour and to also pre-heat the brewer and mug. Add the coffee to the filter and zero the scales.

Step 3: The next step is to saturate the grounds.  Start the timer once you add the hot water to the filter. Add a small amount of water and give the mixture a stir to break up the clumps of coffee. When the coffee starts to bloom and degas the coffee bed should rise to the top and bubble a bit.  

Step 4: Continue to pour water evenly in a spiral over the coffee bed and slowly fill the brewer to the top. You should aim to bring the weight of the scale to 380 grams by the one minute mark.

Step 5: Once you hit the two minute mark the mug should be almost full. Remove the filter and brewer from the top of the mug. Serve the coffee in the mug straight away.

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