Vacuum Pot

The vacuum pot or syphon dates back to a drawing of a coffee maker created by Professor Norrenberg of Tubingen, Germany in 1827.[1] The patent was issued in 1838 and since then the design has not really changed much. [2]  The vacuum pot is a very old method of brewing coffee but has recently been given a modern renovation with chefs and mixologists using it to create broths and hot cocktails. [3] Vacuum pots work on the principle of expansion and contraction of a gas or in this case water vapour. It allows the device to brew a full infusion style of coffee and filters the grounds efficiently leaving a generally clean and pristine cup. [4] This method is not the cheapest of methods to brew your coffee from home but it does look rather cool and exciting. It is like the chemistry class of coffee brewing and as a result can be difficult to master and may take a few tries to understand how to use it properly. The brewing guide below is provided byCoffee Brew Guides.



Fresh CoffeeBeans

300g of filtered water

Cloth Filter

Vacuum pot

Butane burner



Measuring scales

Wooden stirrer


Step 1: Boil water in kettle. 

Step 2: Grind 23 grams of fresh coffee beans to get a medium consistency.  

Step 3: Assemble filter and place in the upper glass chamber of the vacuum pot, pulling the chain and hooking the filter into place. 

Step 4: Place lower glass chamber on scale and zero. Measure out 300 grams of the boiling water. Set the lower and upper chambers in place and gently press down to create a seal between the two pieces. 

Step 5: Before turning on the burner wipe down the side of the lower glass chamber to ensure no water is on the outside of the glass. 

Step 6: Turn on the burner so that the water in the lower glass chamber begins to boil again.  The boiling water will raise through the glass tube and settle in the upper chamber. Turn down the heat. 

Step 7: Put the 23 grams of grounded coffee beans into the upper chamber and start the timer for one minute. 

Step 8: Stir the mixture a couple of times to saturate the grounds. 

Step 9: After one minute turn off and remove the burner from underneath the lower glass chamber. 

Step 10: Now watch as the final product drips through the filter and glass tube and into the bottom chamber. It should finish draining by one minute and 45 seconds.  

Step 11: Whilst the coffee is cooling, clean and wash the top chamber and filter. Place the filter in a container in a small amount of water and store in the fridge.Step 12: Pour out your coffee and enjoy.

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