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This Insight aims to source complex and fruit-driven coffees that go against tradition and don't taste like most coffees. We want to introduce a specific lot each month from the higher end of the speciality market from producers that are experimenting with their methods and processes. All these coffees will score at least 87 points and will be roasted light to bring out the natural characteristics of the bean. As with all our coffees they will be single-origin and sourced via direct trade. 

More suited for filter brewing, this experience will not suit everyone, but that is OK. Don't say we didn't warn you :)

Wholebean Only. 

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Quality Coffee

Efficient service with excellent coffee.


High quality coffee beans with a roast perfectly matched to the complex taste profile (notes of fruit and dark chocolate).

Bogale Alito

Very nice, but not as 'different/interesting' as the Jaen I bought at the same time, or the Honduran San Rafael which was my first order.

That’s not being negative, the San Rafael is my coffee of the year so far and I was hoping for something else a bit ‘out there’ this time. If you want a really nice natural process coffee and don’t like surprises, you’ll be very happy with this!

Daniel S


Absolutely badass

Right here's how it is. T
You go to most other artisan roasters and they charge mental prices for nice coffee. Sometimes you pay mental prices and don't just get ok coffee. However since I discovered Django I seem to have found a roaster who has similar taste in beans to me and also charges a fair price. The Insight beans I got were a beautiful funky fruity number and is exactly what I wanted. I'll happily be buying Insight again from Django as have total faith in their product.

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