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As a business, we try to be as environmentally conscious with every choice we make and we are aspiring to be a B-Corp Certified business within the next 3 years. Since the very beginning of Django, we have favoured recyclable or biodegradable materials for our tape, boxes and coffee bags but have always faced difficulties with finding the perfect coffee bag. We have tried almost every available coffee bag on the market but each bag always comes with some negatives. The bottom line is that there isn't a coffee bag that meets 100% of our needs at this moment in time.


Our criteria for our bags are to: 

Maintain the freshness

Be made from compostable/biodegradable/recyclable material

Strong and durable during transit

Contains a one-way valve and resealable zip. 


Our bags now are made from 'oxo-biodegradable' packaging, which we have been very happy with as they seemed to tick all the boxes. However, we have only just discovered that these have been misled by the manufacturer and are not as environmentally friendly as they had suggested as some of the material doesn't break down completely.


We feel that our only choice at the moment is to go down the recyclable route and have found a sustainable and carbon-neutral company called Dutch Coffee Pack that produces high-quality sustainable packaging. More information on them can be found here. We are a little conflicted as the bags will be made from 100% plastic but they are 100% recyclable. 


We would love to hear your thoughts to help us make a decision. We have provided a short survey that can be found here


Best wishes



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